Graeme Mcdowell’s Liv Golf World Ranking Woes Force Major Championship Change

Graeme McDowell, a professional golfer, has recently expressed his intentions to re-enter the qualifying rounds for both the US Open and the Open Championship. McDowell’s journey back to the major stage has been met with challenges since he joined LIV Golf, a breakaway golf league, in 2022. Despite his accomplishments in the sport, his position in the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) has suffered due to LIV Golf events not offering ranking points.

LIV Golf, launched with much fanfare, hosts tournaments with unique formats, including 54-hole, no-cut events. However, these tournaments do not contribute to players’ world rankings, which has become a significant stumbling block for the breakaway league.

The lack of OWGR points has affected not only McDowell but also several other prominent players associated with LIV Golf, leading to a decline in their world rankings and subsequently their eligibility for major tournaments.

The significance of world rankings in golf cannot be overstated. These rankings determine players’ eligibility for prestigious events like the majors, which are the pinnacle of professional golf. Unfortunately for McDowell and others, their association with LIV Golf has caused their world rankings to plummet, rendering them ineligible for major tournaments solely based on their rankings.

In an attempt to address this issue, LIV Golf sought OWGR accreditation, hoping that their tournaments would contribute to players’ rankings. However, their efforts were rebuffed by the ranking system, leading LIV Golf to abandon their pursuit of OWGR accreditation.

This decision further exacerbated the situation for players like McDowell, who now find themselves outside the top ranks of professional golfers, unable to compete in major tournaments based on their rankings alone.

McDowell’s determination to regain his place on the major stage is evident in his decision to participate in qualifying rounds for both the US Open and the Open Championship. Despite his current ranking of 755th in the world, McDowell remains undeterred and is willing to do whatever it takes to secure a spot in these prestigious tournaments.

Qualifying for major tournaments is no easy feat. It requires skill, perseverance, and often a bit of luck. McDowell, however, is no stranger to the qualifying process. In 2023, he competed in both the US Open and Open Championship qualifiers, narrowly missing out on a return to the US Open after losing in a playoff. His determination to qualify for these tournaments speaks volumes about his passion for the game and his desire to compete at the highest level.

McDowell’s decision to focus on qualifying for the US Open and the Open Championship underscores the importance of these events in the world of golf. Despite the rise of alternative leagues like LIV Golf, the majors remain the most coveted titles in the sport, serving as defining moments in players’ careers.

McDowell’s comments about the importance of the majors echo sentiments shared by many in the golfing community. Regardless of their affiliations or associations, players recognize the significance of competing in events like the US Open and the Open Championship. These tournaments represent the ultimate test of skill and provide players with an opportunity to showcase their talents on the grandest stage.

Looking ahead, McDowell has set his sights on qualifying for the 2024 editions of the US Open and the Open Championship. He has marked specific dates for the qualifying rounds and is prepared to compete for a chance to play in these prestigious tournaments.

Additionally, McDowell has expressed interest in qualifying for the 2025 Open Championship, which will be held in his hometown of Portrush, Northern Ireland.

Graeme McDowell’s journey back to the major stage serves as a testament to his resilience and determination. Despite facing challenges related to his association with LIV Golf and the impact on his world ranking, McDowell remains steadfast in his pursuit of competing in the US Open and the Open Championship. His decision to enter qualifying rounds reflects his unwavering commitment to the sport and his desire to once again showcase his talents on the biggest stage in golf.

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