12 Things From Australian Mcdonald’s That You Won’t Find In America

Welcome to our exploration of 12 unique offerings from Australian McDonald’s that you won’t find in America! McDonald’s is known for its global presence and diverse menu options tailored to local tastes, and Australia is no exception. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at a dozen exclusive menu items from McDonald’s Down Under, showcasing the culinary creativity and regional flavors that set Australian McDonald’s apart. From savory pies and loaded McMuffins to refreshing beverages and indulgent desserts, these Australian McDonald’s specialties offer a tantalizing glimpse into the country’s unique fast food culture. Join us as we uncover the delicious delights that make Australian McDonald’s a must-visit destination for fast food enthusiasts.

1. Vegemite Burger

One iconic item you won’t find on American McDonald’s menus is the Vegemite Burger. This uniquely Australian creation features a beef patty topped with melted cheese, lettuce, and a generous smear of Vegemite, a popular savory spread made from yeast extract. The Vegemite Burger combines the familiar flavors of a McDonald’s burger with the distinctive taste of Vegemite, offering a truly Aussie dining experience that’s beloved by locals. While it may not appeal to everyone’s taste buds, the Vegemite Burger is a must-try for those looking to sample a quintessentially Australian flavor.

2. Chicken Salt Fries

In Australia, McDonald’s offers a delicious twist on its classic French fries with the addition of chicken salt seasoning. Chicken salt is a savory seasoning blend made from salt, herbs, and spices, often used to enhance the flavor of fried foods like chips (French fries). McDonald’s Australia has embraced this local favorite by offering Chicken Salt Fries on its menu, providing customers with a tasty alternative to traditional fries. The combination of crispy fries and savory chicken salt seasoning is a winning combination that’s uniquely Australian.

3. McOz Burger

The McOz Burger is a popular menu item at Australian McDonald’s restaurants, featuring a beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, beetroot, onions, ketchup, and mayonnaise, all served on a sesame seed bun. The addition of beetroot is what sets the McOz Burger apart from its American counterparts, adding a sweet and earthy flavor that pairs well with the other ingredients. This Aussie twist on the classic burger has become a favorite among McDonald’s customers in Australia, offering a taste of local flavor that you won’t find in American McDonald’s locations.

4. Aussie Brekkie Roll

For those craving a hearty breakfast option, Australian McDonald’s restaurants offer the Aussie Brekkie Roll, a satisfying sandwich that’s perfect for starting the day. This breakfast roll features a warm sesame seed bun filled with a freshly cracked egg, rasher bacon, a slice of cheese, and a hint of barbecue sauce. The Aussie Brekkie Roll combines classic breakfast ingredients in a convenient handheld format, making it a popular choice for busy mornings or on-the-go dining. Its hearty and flavorful profile reflects the Australian love for a good breakfast sandwich.

5. Frozen Coke

Australian McDonald’s locations offer a refreshing beverage option that’s perfect for cooling down on hot days: Frozen Coke. This icy treat features McDonald’s signature Coca-Cola beverage served in a frozen slushy consistency, creating a refreshing and satisfying drink that’s both sweet and cooling. Frozen Coke is a popular choice for customers of all ages, offering a fun and enjoyable way to enjoy a classic Coca-Cola beverage in a new and exciting format. While Frozen Coke may be available at select American McDonald’s locations during limited-time promotions, it’s a staple menu item in Australia.

6. Cheese & Bacon Loaded Fries

Cheese & Bacon Loaded Fries are a decadent side dish offered at Australian McDonald’s restaurants, featuring McDonald’s classic French fries topped with melted cheese and crispy bacon bits. This indulgent creation combines the savory flavors of cheese and bacon with the crispy texture of McDonald’s fries, resulting in a deliciously satisfying snack or accompaniment to any meal. Cheese & Bacon Loaded Fries are a popular choice for customers looking to upgrade their fries with a generous serving of toppings, adding a touch of indulgence to their McDonald’s experience.

7. Pineapple Fanta

Pineapple Fanta is a tropical twist on the classic soda offered at Australian McDonald’s restaurants. This refreshing beverage features the bright and tangy flavor of pineapple, served ice-cold for a refreshing and satisfying drink option. Pineapple Fanta is a popular choice for customers looking to quench their thirst with a fruity and flavorful soda, offering a taste of the tropics with every sip. While Pineapple Fanta may not be a staple menu item at American McDonald’s locations, it’s a beloved favorite among Australian customers, especially during the warmer months.

8. McFlurry Varieties

Australian McDonald’s locations offer a variety of McFlurry flavors that you won’t find in America. From classic options like Oreo and M&M’s to unique Australian-inspired flavors like Lamington and Tim Tam, McFlurry varieties Down Under cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. These indulgent desserts feature McDonald’s creamy soft-serve ice cream blended with delicious mix-ins, creating a rich and satisfying treat that’s perfect for satisfying sweet cravings. With so many tempting flavors to choose from, McFlurry lovers in Australia are spoiled for choice when it comes to their favorite frozen dessert.

9. Chicken Big Mac

The Chicken Big Mac is a variation of the classic Big Mac burger, featuring two breaded chicken patties instead of beef, along with the signature Big Mac sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions, all sandwiched between three sesame seed buns. This chicken twist on the iconic Big Mac offers a tasty alternative for customers looking for a poultry option, combining the familiar flavors of the original with the juicy tenderness of chicken. While the Chicken Big Mac may not be a permanent fixture on the American McDonald’s menu, it’s a popular choice among Australian McDonald’s customers.

10. Pies

McDonald’s in Australia offers a selection of savory pies that you won’t find in American locations. These handheld pies feature flaky pastry filled with delicious fillings like minced beef, chicken, or vegetables, offering a convenient and satisfying snack or meal option. With flavors inspired by Australian culinary traditions, McDonald’s pies Down Under cater to local tastes and preferences, providing customers with a taste of homegrown comfort food. Whether enjoyed on their own or as part of a meal deal, McDonald’s pies are a beloved menu item that’s uniquely Australian.

11. Loaded McMuffins

Loaded McMuffins are a breakfast favorite at Australian McDonald’s restaurants, featuring a classic English muffin filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and a hash brown patty. This hearty breakfast sandwich offers a satisfying start to the day, combining savory flavors and comforting textures in every bite. Loaded McMuffins are a popular choice for customers looking for a filling and convenient breakfast option that’s perfect for enjoying on the go. While similar breakfast sandwiches may be available at American McDonald’s locations, the Loaded McMuffin is a unique offering that’s exclusive to Australia.

12. McCafé Blended Ice Drinks

Australian McDonald’s locations offer a selection of McCafé Blended Ice Drinks that you won’t find in American restaurants. These refreshing beverages feature a blend of ice, milk, and flavored syrups, creating a creamy and indulgent drink option that’s perfect for cooling down on hot days. With flavors like chocolate, caramel, and mocha, McCafé Blended Ice Drinks cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, offering a sweet and satisfying treat for McDonald’s customers in Australia. Whether enjoyed as a standalone beverage or paired with a meal, McCafé Blended Ice Drinks add a touch of luxury to the McDonald’s experience Down Under.


In conclusion, the 12 unique offerings from Australian McDonald’s highlighted in this blog showcase the diversity and innovation of the country’s fast food scene. From Vegemite burgers to Chicken Big Macs, these exclusive menu items offer a taste of Australia’s culinary identity, providing customers with a delicious array of options that can’t be found in American McDonald’s locations. Whether you’re a local looking to satisfy your cravings or a visitor eager to sample Australian specialties, these McDonald’s offerings are sure to delight and satisfy.


FAQ 1: Why are these McDonald’s menu items exclusive to Australia?

Short Answer: McDonald’s tailors its menu offerings to suit local tastes and preferences in each country. The unique menu items featured in Australian McDonald’s locations reflect the culinary traditions and preferences of Australian consumers, making them exclusive to the Australian market.

FAQ 2: Can I request these Australian McDonald’s menu items in American restaurants?

Short Answer: While some McDonald’s locations may occasionally offer limited-time promotions featuring international menu items, the items featured in Australian McDonald’s restaurants are typically not available in American locations on a regular basis. However, customers can express their interest in trying international menu items through feedback channels, which may influence future menu decisions.

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